Let's Talk

This Family Social Media Guide is designed for families who are entering or already in the world of social media and apps.

Best for kids ages 10 – 18, this guide gets into the nitty gritty of:

  • Basics and Background of Social Media
  • The POSITIVES and NEGATIVES of Social
  • Legal Rules and Guidelines
  • Time
  • Privacy
  • Etiquette
  • Apps
  • Plans for Down Times
  • and many Discussions for Parents and Children

There is also a CONTRACT for the family to complete and sign when the Guide is completed.

Some user reviews for the FAMILY SOCIAL GUIDE:

"I love that instead of creating fear, this GUIDE is about educating our kids and teaching them to use smart phones and the Internet responsibly. We have talked to our kids about Internet safety many times before, but this guide just opened up a whole new dialogue!"

"I am now learning [in my 30s] how to navigate things I should learned way before so I can teach my kids how to be responsible as technology advances."

"You can stick your head in the sand all you want, but guess what? Your kids aren't! They are seeing things and experiencing things whether you have talked about these things or not! This GUIDE has been all about EDUCATION not IGNORANCE!"

"We are youth pastors and social media usage is parents number one concern. These guidelines are something we use to educate our parents with and we have seen relationships between parents and students grow to a healthy place. This GUIDE has been an excellent resource. Thank you!"

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